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is the world's leading manufacturer of civilian helicopters and is known worldwide for high performance, reliable helicopters. The four-seat Model R44 is the world's most popular helicopter, and the two-seat Model R22 has the lowest acquisition and operating costs of any production helicopter.


The Robinson R22 is a small, light two-person helicopter, designed around 1973 by frank Robinson and produced since 1979 by the Robinson Helicopter Company.

The R22 became the world’s top selling civil helicopter soon after its introduction. Due to relatively low acquisition and operating costs, it has been popular as a primary rotorcraft trainer around the world and as a livestock management tool on large ranches in North America and Cattle stations in Australia. With its quick response to control inputs, it emulates the performance of turbine powered helicopters, making it easier for flight students to transition to larger aircraft.


The Robinson R44 is a small, light, four-seat, piston-driven civilian helicopter produced by the Robinsonhelicopter Company since 1992.

While resembling the company's earlier Robinson R22, the R44 is larger and faster than its predecessor. It also features hydraulically assisted cyclic and collective controls,a feature not found on the R22. There are several models of the R44, the most common variant being fuel injection or a normaly aspoirated engine.


The R44 Raven I offers turbine performance at an affordable piston price with high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, and comfortable hydraulic controls. This model is also available with fixed-utility floats as a Clipper I.


The high-performance R44 Raven II is designed for more payload, higher altitudes, and faster speeds with all the luxuries of the Raven I. The latest in the R44 line, this aircraft is also available as a Clipper II, Police Helicopter, and Newscopter.


The R44 Raven II is the latest derivative of the very successful and proven R44 helicopter line. The Raven II is equipped with a fuel-injected, angle-valve, tuned-induction, IO-540 Lycoming engine which produces substantially more power and gives the Raven II greater altitude performance, more payload, and increased speed. The Raven II configuration is also available as an IFR Trainer, Newscopter, Police Helicopter, and Clipper II.

The new fuel-injected engine provides higher power for better performance and eliminates the need for carburetor heat. The engine is derated to 245 HP for 5 minutes and 205 HP maximum continuous rating, to assure a longer life and lower cost of maintenance. Overall, the Raven II provides a favorable 100 lb increase in the R44’s gross weight and increased IGE and OGE hover ceilings, while eliminating the carburetor and carburetor icing problems.

Another major enhancement is the reduced noise level of the Raven II. The quieter helicopter features redesigned main and tail rotor blades. Both sets of rotors are fitted with noise attenuating blade tip caps that decrease flyover noise by 1dB. The main rotor blades also have more surface area for increased lifting capability at altitude.

Raven II Features:

Main rotor blades have greater effective lifting area which reduces vibration.

Main and tail blades have new aerodynamic tip caps which reduce the 500-foot flyover noise level by nearly one decibel, despite the higher gross weight.

A standard 28-volt electrical system ensures good starting performance in hot or cold weather and provides additional electrical power for optional equipment.


Depending on the model, the Clipper can be ordered with either fixed utility or emergency pop-out floats. Clipper's fixed utility floats add approximately 50 pounds to the R44's empty weight, and cruise speed is reduced by only 10 knots. The pop-out floats add about 65 pounds to the empty weight with almost no reduction in the Raven's cruise speed.

A low center-of-gravity enhances the Clipper's stability on rough seas, and its advanced single-bag float design allows safer water surface lift-off.

Unlike some emergency floats, the Clipper's pop-out floats have the same buoyancy as the fixed utility floats.The pop-out floats, when activated, inflate in approximately 1.3 seconds from a gas supply tank under the passenger seat. The floats are deployed via a lever with an arming pin and breakaway shear pin on the collective. The fixed utility floats are kept inflated allowing for routine water landings. R44 Clippers are built to last with specialized corrosion proofing throughout. Standard equipment includes custom ground handling wheels and a pressure gage to check float pressure.

The Clipper II is an R44 Raven II offered with fixed utility floats for extended flights over water, landings on remote lakes, and extra security when flying over busy harbors.



When choosing a helicopter, you need to know how you will be using your helicopter and where you will be flying.

R22 Beta II

If you planning to use the helicopter for mostly personal use and local flying, your best option could be a R22 Beta II. While they are slower than R44 and can only hold one passenger, they are less expensive to own and operate. The R22 can be ideal for someone who needs to hop around from one job site to another quickly and efficiently or for recreational flying.

The low operating costs have also made the R22 very popular for training. Most flight schools, including Las Vegas Helicopter Training -- 702 Helicopter, rely on the R22 for all of their training.

R44 Raven and Raven II

If you intend to fly farther with more passengers, more power, and more comfort, the R44 is the ideal aircraft for you. The most basic and inexpensive model, depending on avionics, is the R44 Raven. The Raven has limited options allowing for the aircraft to be more affordable. The Raven should be sufficient for low-altitude, low-payload operation unless air conditioning is a necessity.

The next step up is the R44 Raven II. It has more power allowing for greater payloads and operation at higher altitudes. If you are in the mountains you will want the powerful Raven II. The Raven II is also the only helicopter that can be equipped with air conditioning. In addtion, its 28-volt electrical system enables the aircraft to be equipped with newsgathering or police equipment.

R44 Clipper and Clipper II

The last two models of the R44 are the Clipper and Clipper II. Simply put, the Clippers are R44 Ravens with floats. If you will be operating over areas with lots of water you will definitely want a Clipper model.


Your cost can be estimated by using the Robinson configurator. You can pick your options to get a basic idea of your bottom line. After using the configurator to decide options, please call us to get an exon price.


There are several different options which you can choose on the configurator. The most important option is between the Raven II and Clipper II. Since the Raven II is the only model that can have air conditioning, you cannot have a R44 with both air conditioning and floats. This can be a very important decision for people who live in hot climates near water (Florida).


Estimated operating costs can be found on Robinson's website.


Picking up the helicopter from the factory can be negotiated with the price of the aircraft. Please call us for more detailed information.


American-European-Flight-School,offers helicopter flight training. This is another negotiable point if you are purchasing a helicopter through us. Please call for more detailed information.

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