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I've always been fond of flying as a child, the passion of flight is increased as a result of military service in the Army Light Aviation Helicopters 5 ALE Rigel Casarza della Delizia (PN).

I flew on different aircraft, including Jet Ranger, AS350, R22, R44.

Today I am qualified as an instructor and pilot is both EASA FAA. I work with several schools both Italian and foreign, including 702helicopters and Centervol in Spain, teaching how to fly and share the passion of flight for me and immense satisfaction.

Pietro Bisonni

Flight Instructor Safety Course

Flight Instructor Helicopter EASA

Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane / Helicopter FAA

Commercial Pilot Helicopter EASA (ATPL Frozen)

Commercial Helicopter/Airplane Instrument (ASEL/AMEL) FAA